Autism Black Seed Bead
Autism Black Seed Bead

Autism Black Seed Bead

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This stretchy bracelet was designed for Autism Awareness Month but can be a year round favorite.  Black seed beads allow the accent colored beads to pop.  The crowning "jewel" is the heart shaped puzzle piece charm that shows off your support for the loved ones in your life.

Students use a variety of skills to create these truly beautiful pieces. Participation in ALCAbility helps students discover some of their vocational strengths and interests so that they can better self-direct how they would like to contribute to their communities. 


Some of the tasks students may complete in the creation of an ALCAbility bracelet include:

  • Measuring and cutting lengths of stretchy bead cord
  • Counting beads to make bracelet stringing kits
  • Reading a picture "recipe" to string beads into a strand
  • Reading a picture "recipe" to assemble strands into a complete set (for designs with multiple strands)
  • Sorting remnant beads and other supplies
  • Taking inventory of products and supplies
  • Photographing and editing product photos
  • Tagging and packing finished products

There are a whole host of other skills students learn through shipping web orders, hosting live events, shopping for supplies, and creating new pieces.  The list is practically endless!