Autism Awareness Series - Boho
Autism Awareness Series - Boho

Autism Awareness Series - Boho

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Another great piece in our Autism Awareness Series.  The beads are all one of a kind with beautiful variations in dark earth tones.  This fun piece is accented with wood beads, just a touch of metal and includes a puzzle piece charm!  Wear this one with pride! 

Students use a variety of skills to create these truly beautiful pieces. Participation in ALCAbility helps students discover some of their vocational strengths and interests so that they can better self-direct how they would like to contribute to their communities. 


Some of the tasks students may complete in the creation of an ALCAbility bracelet include:

  • Measuring and cutting lengths of stretchy bead cord
  • Counting beads to make bracelet stringing kits
  • Reading a picture "recipe" to string beads into a strand
  • Reading a picture "recipe" to assemble strands into a complete set (for designs with multiple strands)
  • Sorting remnant beads and other supplies
  • Taking inventory of products and supplies
  • Photographing and editing product photos
  • Tagging and packing finished products

There are a whole host of other skills students learn through shipping web orders, hosting live events, shopping for supplies, and creating new pieces.  The list is practically endless!